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From the Pastors Desk

Quote from 1 Timothy New Living Translation:
“Cling to your faith in Christ and keep your conscience clear. For Some people have deliberately violated their consciences; as a result their faith has been shipwrecked.”
Choosing to do the right thing; that which goes along with what you know is proper is a very significant choice.

God reminds us to choose to go counter to our conscience; to purposely determine to go against what we know is right is to jeopardize our faith and may even bring it to a place that it seems non-existent; shipwrecked – gone off the horizon.

If you are one making choices to cause the ruin of your faith realize you don’t have to, you have the freedom to choose what’s right. Others of us, believers, are praying you will choose what builds your faith.

Repentance, a turn-about, is God’s available remedy for a faith that is shattered. Turn, turn, today.

New Year’s resolutions are often forgotten or dropped by the wayside a short time into the New Year. A life changing turn to God can be just that; a life change. Make the right,
God Honoring choices.

God bless you.

Pastor Doug

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